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October 22, 2022 | Vol. 37, No. 20

Split decisions

Carolina Lumetta, Leah Savas, Emma Freire | Inflation. Abortion. An unpopular president. And yes, Donald Trump. The factors weighing on voters’ minds make the 2022 midterms among the most unique elections in American history

Taking the initiative

Elizabeth Russell | From civil rights to psychedelics to abortion, voters prepare to weigh in

Tipping point

Carolina Lumetta | The fight for control of Congress will come down to a few key races

The war in Juárez

Kim Henderson | As violence continues to rage in the notorious border city, Christians fight a battle of their own


“Our voices can no longer be denied”

TRENDING | New films highlight the dangers of the transgender trend


A rigid racial system

BOOKS | Author challenges the government’s race classifications

Making airwaves

BOOKS | Pioneer preachers found big audiences on radio

Encounters with Joseph

BOOKS | Ancient dramas to rival any modern-day storyline

Children's Books

The ties that bind

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Four picture books about home and family



TELEVISION | New Disney series takes Star Wars into gritty territory


MOVIE | Banalities quench a confused film about a fascist plot in 1933

Railway Children

MOVIE | Weighty portrayals of American racism takes center stage in children’s WWII tale

Box Office Top 10

Top films for the weekend of Sept. 30-Oct. 2

Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

MOVIE | Musical comedy about a singing crocodile is a crowd-pleaser that elevates family and service to others

Catherine Called Birdy

MOVIE | Amazon’s book adaptation stuffs modern pieties into a children’s story set in medieval England


Music scenes from across the pond

MUSIC | Two British box sets deserve American attention

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Reviews of four albums

Cheap highs and hidden perils

HEALTH | Laughing gas has become a recreational drug of choice for many youth

School’s out

EDUCATION | Violence in West and Central Africa has halted school for millions of children

Volleys from the stands

SPORTS | After defending against an accusation of bigotry, a Mormon school falls victim to it

Conversion blockade

RELIGION | A new anti-conversion law in India appears aimed at discouraging departures from Hinduism