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How do I find the WORLD News Group App?

Search Apple or Google Play Store for WORLD News Group with this icon:

Why did we change our app? Our previous magazine app was written with software that has become obsolete and incompatible with the editorial software we use to produce it. It was rejected by Apple forcing us to rewrite a newer version but we were forced to release it before it was completed. In the initial launch of this new app, we maintained the magazine reader version you are accustomed to. In this updated version we have added so much more! Our desire is to give you the opportunity to enjoy all of our content, not just our magazine. You can check out the latest headlines or listen to the podcast while checking out the latest cartoon. Please rest assured we are improving it everyday.

Known or Corrected Issues:

We are continuing to improve with every revision.  We do not have a way currently to notify you that there is an update in the store but we are working on that. You can easily open the app and select account tab at the bottom then select view account details to see what version you are on. You should be on:
Apple v.7.1 (Published Nov 23 2022)
Googleplay v. 7.1 (Published Nov 19 2022)
If not, go to the store and search for World News Group and it will have an update button.  Select that.  If you do not see an update button, please uninstall and reinstall the app.

How to login to the app:

If you are already a member, select the profile icon. Scroll down and enter your username and password then select Login to My WORLD Account. If you are not a member you can easily become a member by selecting Let’s Go. Here you can purchase a membership and create your user.
How to manage my account:

Select the profile icon and sign in if you are not already. Here you can manage your subscription or update your account or view account details.

How to read WORLD News:

Select this icon to enjoy all the latest news available from the home page of the website.

How to read the magazine:

Select the magazine icon to navigate to current and past issues of the magazine.

Select the magazine cover you wish to read.

There are two ways to read the magazine, web or pdf version.

Web version: Here you can enjoy the articles that are published on our website magazine page. Select and enjoy reading an article. At the end of the article, it will allow you to select UP NEXT to move to the next article. You can always click the back button to go back to the main page and select the article you want.

PDF version: You will notice a Subscribe link on the top right if you are not logged in or PDF link if you are logged in. If you are interested in reading the PDF, select the PDF button to open it. Here you can read it in order of the actual magazine with pinch and zoom feature enabled.

Download PDF:

On Apple, if you wish to download it, select DOWNLOAD. This will open the magazine in your browser. Select the share icon on the top right and choose Books or any other PDF viewer app. This opens the pdf in a nice scrollable version. Here you can turn your device horizontally or vertically, pinch and zoom, bookmark your page and come back to read it later with or without internet access.

On Android, if you wish to download it and open it with your device viewer, select the DOWNLOAD button. When the download is complete click on the pdf and choose the viewer you would like to open with for example Samsung Notes or Kindle Reader. Here you can turn your device horizontally or vertically, pinch and zoom, read later when you are out of wifi access and enjoy an experience more like the previous app.

How to listen to the podcast:

Select the podcast icon. Select the play arrow to listen to the latest episode of any of our podcasts.

How do I increase my font size?

Select the profile icon at the bottom and select change font size.

How do I logout?

Select the profile icon at the bottom and select logout

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