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Annual Pro-life Issue

From 1997 to 2022, WORLD reviewed pro-life progress and regress over the previous year every January on or near the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision to legalize abortion. After the court overturned Roe v. Wade with its Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling in June 2022, we moved our annual pro-life issue to coincide with the anniversary of Roe’s reversal.


Shifting sands

Pro-life groups scramble to adapt to a new political landscape post-Dobbs

Issue Date: Jun 24, 2023


Abortion battle lines

With the inauguration of a new pro-abortion president, pro-lifers in 2021 took their fight to the states and celebrated gains in the courts that drew the ire of the Biden administration

Issue Date: Jan 29, 2022


Chemical killer

Surgical abortions have slowed, but pills and chemicals are reaching more homes -- and killing more babies

Issue Date: Jan 30, 2021


Buildings with baggage

Groups are turning old abortion centers into pro-life spaces, but the facilities’ horrific histories are difficult for many to overcome

Issue Date: Jan 18, 2020


Against the tide

African-American leaders embrace abortion even as it decimates the black community, but black pro-life activists are fighting for black lives

Issue Date: Jan 19, 2019


Hope for the unchosen

Chances for life seem slim for thousands of tiny embryos frozen in storage or subjected to questionable tests meant to weed out ‘misfits.’ But some advocates and families are on a mission to rescue these unborn babies from an uncertain fate

Issue Date: Jan 20, 2018


Bitter pills

Increasingly popular but as risky as ever, chemical abortion raises new challenges for the pro-life movement

Issue Date: Jan 21, 2017


A time for plain speaking

Planned Parenthood benefits from a culture that disguises what the organization truly is and does

Issue Date: Jan 23, 2016


Survival of the despised

America at its best follows the philosophy of Emma Lazarus over that of Margaret Sanger

Issue Date: Jan 24, 2015


Roe at 41

Perfect ears, perfect God, fallen man

Issue Date: Jan 25, 2014


40 years and millions of lives

Roe v. Wade continues its grim business, but pro-life activity is saving lives, too

Issue Date: Jan 26, 2013


Full of life

Revitalized by young activists and growing support, the pro-life movement faces new tensions

Issue Date: Jan 28, 2012


Red zone defense

With our most-observed secular holiday, Super Bowl day, coming this year on Feb. 6, we’re hearing a lot about what happens in “the red zone,” the part of the football field that extends from the 20-yard line to the end zone. Meanwhile, abortion proponents are defending their own bloody red zone against a reinvigorated pro-life movement

Issue Date: Jan 29, 2011


A pro-baby wave

Optimistic signs point to a changing abortion debate

Issue Date: Jan 30, 2010


Back to the present

Understanding abortion in the past will help us fight it today

Issue Date: Jan 17, 2009


The plots thicken

As Roe v. Wade turns 35, some in Hollywood are changing their minds about “choice,” and it’s showing up on the silver screen

Issue Date: Jan 12, 2008


Just how pro are these pro-lifers?

The Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion turns 34 years old this month, just as seven pro-life Democrats join the new majority on Capitol Hill. Here’s what the power shift could mean for the pre-born

Issue Date: Jan 20, 2007


What women want

For 33 years many American women have believed that what’s legal must be OK, only to have their consciences, moments or decades later, tell them differently

Issue Date: Jan 21, 2006


Delta force

Mississippi pro-life activists’ success in fighting abortion shows not only can some battles be won at the state level, but it can be done with broad bipartisan support

Issue Date: Jan 22, 2005


Lawmakers, lawbreakers

Even though churches have lost significant influence over society, they do at least retain authority over their own members. A look at churches that are considering the exercise of discipline over pro-abortion politicians

Issue Date: Jan 17, 2004


30 years’ war

As Roe turns 30, are medical facts and a determined pro-life movement causing legalized abortion to show its age, or is it just becoming more entrenched? While others debate the question, abortion opponents quietly legislate, litigate, and demonstrate compassion

Issue Date: Jan 18, 2003


Holding the line

Senate shifts, terrorist attacks, and biological warfare against the sanctity of human life leave the question: Whatever happened to the abortion issue?

Issue Date: Jan 19, 2002


Leaving limbo

More kids exit foster care for permanent adoptive families, but pro-lifers hope for more.

Issue Date: Jan 13, 2001



Last week was one that pushed Christian and conservative journalists and pro-life leaders to remember biblical injunctions against envy

Issue Date: Jan 22, 2000


Abortion: A right that’s wrong

Even as the abortion culture sinks itself deeper into the fabric of American life, pro-lifers are preparing to mourn the 26th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Roe vs. Wade decision, several factors continue to chip away at its acceptability. Political challenges, cultural argument, and compassionate alternatives are slowly but surely helping to form the consensus that abortion is wrong. A look back at abortion in America since the last dark Roe anniversary

Issue Date: Jan 16, 1999


One step forward

... and one step back: Pro-lifers still face challenges as new as was Roe vs. Wade in 1973

Issue Date: Jan 17, 1988


Life worth living

The January 22, 1973, Roe vs. Wade ruling has been a death sentence for 30 million-plus preborn infants in the United States. For 24 years babies have died for any reason and no reason. But in the 1990s, with the development of new genetic tests that can more safely and less expensively diagnose genetic disorders in utero, many young humans are at risk for one very specific reason: They have Down Syndrome

Issue Date: Jan 18, 1997