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Religious liberty on campus

Religious liberty on campus

Students with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes say they just want to be treated the same as other clubs

The headlines blame video games for all sorts of problems among kids and teens. But are video games the culprit? Or does gaming serve a purpose in our God-ordained rhythms of work and rest?

“YouTube/Social Media Influencer” has recently charted as the top vocational aspiration for teens and pre-teens in the US and UK. Join Kelsey and Jonathan as they discuss this cultural phenomenon and what it means for discipleship.

How do we respond to “unprecedented times?” We've heard this term a lot over the past three years. But what does it mean—and are these times truly unprecedented?


The largest Christian school in Arizona is locked in a battle with a former teacher over its stance toward LGBT students

American education seems to focus on everything but teaching the three R’s

Indian students suffer from “hidden apartheid”

Virginia school district’s “anti-racist” training targeted in lawsuit over principal’s discharge

A handful of U.S. schools are adding another protected class to their policies