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The proposed West Lafayette city ordinance would target unlicensed counselors

Women in California prisons sue as the state pushes transgender policies, housing male and female inmates together

The metaverse promises to be the next revolution in human interaction

Plus: the pope’s move, and a record-setting aviator

What accommodations does federal law require?

Boston Celtics’ Enes Kanter Freedom is a vocal critic of China’s human rights abuses

What was behind the hostage attack in Texas?

A.S. Ibrahim | The answer includes sacred Islamic texts that identify Jews as the “enemy”

Diagnosed to death

Prenatal tests for chromosomal disorders are sometimes inaccurate and lead to abortions and shifting standards of care, reports show


The Stew

Cutting off Russia’s pipeline to power


Big Daddy Weave mourns loss of co-founder


Standing against abortion at Baylor


Supreme Court reins in OSHA in vaccine case


A transgender swimmer prompts a backlash in the pool

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'Partygate' opens the floodgates | Top Story

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces backlash surrounding a party scandal.

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As the U.S. moves out, China is moving in with soft diplomacy

Materialism 101, Part 6

Andrew T. Walker | Christians should give no quarter to falsehoods

Lawsuit says the controversial curriculum fosters racial discrimination in public schools

Safety analysts say meeting ransom demands could make mission work more dangerous

R. Albert Mohler Jr. | It’s big news … but is it morally right?