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A Christian website designer appeals to the Supreme Court

The Florida ruling could have unintended consequences

SBC leaders vote against full transparency in sexual abuse investigation

Pregnancy center staff navigate a new normal under the state’s new heartbeat law

Complaints against professors create a chilling effect on college free speech

Plus: a record batting average, and a milestone for Disney devotees

German election closes curtain on Merkel chancellorship ​| Top Story

Germany's Social Democratic Party wins a close election.

Magazine Vol. 36, No. 19
October 9, 2021 | Vol. 36 No. 19
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Their lawsuit claims Nevada’s laws harm victims of sex trafficking across the country

Tribunal wraps up witness hearings

Hospitals and government agencies struggle to process a flood of exemption requests

Advocates say consumers shouldn’t need a law degree to keep their data safe

Dumping on America’s oldest ally is short-sighted

Plus: the Defense of Marriage Act, and the end of the military’s Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy