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Classic Book of the Month: Squirrels at arms

Classic Book of the Month: Squirrels at arms

Urchin of the Riding Stars features swashbuckling creatures and a Christian worldview

In his book Unpacking Forgiveness, pastor Chris Brauns helps Christians think through forgiveness informed by the gospel

Reviewer Whitney Williams takes a new look at a classic Advent resource for families


Timothy Lamer | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | In 1923, J. Gresham Machen exposed the deep chasm between true Christianity and the sham religion taking root in American churches. A century later, Christianity and Liberalism remains an essential book for believers.

Bekah McCallum, Maryrose Delahunty | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Two biographies offer fresh perspectives on missionary Elisabeth Elliot

BOOKS | Probing the original meaning of the First Amendment

Chelsea Boes | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Counselor’s book helps readers see through common child-rearing lies

BOOKS | Authors offer short bios of great evangelicals

Emily Whitten | 2023 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Critical Dilemma offers a rich, Biblical engagement with contemporary critical theory