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An Apple Podcasts top 100 News program delivering headlines, field reporting, interviews, and analysis every weekday.

Hear original coverage such as a weekly overview of every Supreme Court case, biblical cultural analysis, and key international stories.

Hear our take at true crime.

In the first two seasons, unanswered questions and unsettling details lead New York Times bestselling author Lynn Vincent to reinvestigate what really happened to Terri Schiavo. Discover more about the case that changed the way we think about life, death, and what it means to be human.

Learn what's really working in the fight against poverty and how thinking biblically aids in the restoration of human dignity.

This program is made for people who want to elicit real change because they know true hope.

Go beyond talking points through in-depth conversations with newsmakers and thought leaders.

This weekly, half-hour program adds candor to personal stories and perspectives.

Explore the Supreme Court and how its decisions affect our daily lives.

In this top-ranked program, hosts and lawyers Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough consult with legal experts, educators, and parties directly involved in cases, as they guide you through the legal process.

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