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Friday morning news: November 25, 2022

Friday morning news: November 25, 2022

Black Friday shoppers are out in full force today, almost 50 million drivers are hitting the roads this weekend, President Biden said his administration is working to prevent a railroad strike, Biden said he’ll again ask for a ban on so-called assault weapons, the UN Human Rights Council voted to condemn Iran’s crackdown on peaceful protesters, Ford says more than 600,000 of its SUVs have a problem that could cause the vehicles to catch fire

Plus: what Congress is getting set to do on marriage

An airstrike on a maternity hospital in Zaporizhzhia killed a newborn baby, The United States imposed sanctions against three more Iranian officials, the number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose to the highest level in several months, a shooting killed six people at a Walmart in Virginia, the Georgia Supreme Court has reinstated pro-life protections in the state, many retailers are remaining closed today

A surge of illegal immigration could hit after upcoming policy changes


Iran says it’s closer than ever to being able to make a nuclear bomb, the Supreme Court cleared the way for the Treasury Dept. to hand over former President Trump's tax returns to House Democrats, the death toll in Indonesia has risen sharply from a powerful earthquake, the courtroom battle continues over President Biden’s plan to erase large portions of federal student loan debt, Anthony Fauci made one last pitch for COVID-19 booster shots at the White House, a coalition of Republican-led states is making an effort to keep Title 42

With a newly gained majority in the House, what will Republicans make their top priority?

The World Health Organization’s regional director is warning of a dire winter ahead for Ukrainians, Indonesia is still reeling this morning after a powerful and deadly earthquake, the Colorado Springs shooter faces serious criminal and possible hate crime charges, authorities say they were able to prevent two men from attacking a Jewish synagogue in New York City, consumers could see higher gas prices and shortages of some of their favorite groceries during the holiday season, the Orion space capsule circled behind the moon

Over 6,000 K-12 students have poured into New York City schools and most of those students are likely immigrants

The mainstream media labeled a number of congressional candidates as “election deniers,” but that label was applied inconsistently and often incorrectly