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Wednesday morning news: August 17, 2022

Wednesday morning news: August 17, 2022

President Biden signed a massive climate change and health care bill, first lady Jill Biden has tested positive for COVID-19, the Pentagon has confirmed the successful test of a long-range nuclear missile, authorities have rescued more than 200 human trafficking victims, explosions ripped through a Russian ammunition depot in Crimea

What have we learned in the year following the troop pullout from Afghanistan?

Students pursue a civil rights case against the Fresno-area school


A former Taco Bell employee sued her employer for unpaid wages. She wants to keep her battle in court, but the employer wants to force arbitration.

China has announced more military drills around Taiwan, the Taliban celebrated the one-year anniversary of its takeover in Afghanistan, House Republicans have compiled a report about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan last August, the Justice Department is not publicly releasing the affidavit supporting the search warrant for former President Trump’s Florida estate, three Americans were among the eight people wounded in a shooting at a bus stop in Jerusalem, the ruling military in Myanmar has convicted the country’s ousted democratic leader of more supposed crimes

More lawmakers visit Taiwan, the Department of Homeland Security is warning about an increase in threats against federal law enforcement agents, members of Congress are still sparring over a climate and spending bill, Pennsylvania authorities have charged a man with two counts of criminal homicide after driving his car into a crowd, a fire ripped through a packed Coptic Orthodox church in Egypt

How to do better with disputes and reconciliation

Inflation data from the month of July is in, but what does it mean?