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Thursday morning news - May 13, 2021

Thursday morning news - May 13, 2021

Liz Cheany out, consumer prices rise, Russia targets U.S. Embassy in Moscow, CDC considers vaccine for tweens, and conflict in Israel continues

Filling out tax forms shouldn’t be this complicated

Job openings, pipeline attack recovery, GOP ousts Liz Cheaney, violence in Israel, and a school shooting in Russia


Can America afford Biden’s family plan?

How much is the president willing to pay to change the meaning of a word?

Wednesday’s confidence vote on the third-ranking U.S. House Republican points to wariness over appearing out of touch with Trump supporters

President Biden makes spending pitch, HHS redefines sex under Obamacare, Colonial Pipeline continues hack attack recovery, easing mask mandates, and Jerusalem Day march turns violent

Charges of bias follow review board's ruling that Facebook can at least temporarily keep its ban on Donald Trump