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<em>The Blue Angels</em>

The Blue Angels

DOCUMENTARY | Dedication and discipline are key virtues for the Navy’s elite blue-and-gold flyers

MOVIE | Foul language in funny but faux Pop-Tarts comedy leaves a bad taste in the mouth

IN THE NEWS | Mexico’s presidential election shows a persistent shift toward left-wing politics

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BACKSTORY | Crackdown on pro-life protesters hits their families and communities hard

Leah Savas | Pro-life activists face long prison sentences as the Biden administration cracks down on abortion center protests

RELIGION | Evangelicals concerned with keeping the whole counsel of God are driving a renewal of interest in confessions

TRENDING | A look back at Batman’s 85-year journey from Gotham’s shadows into the world’s spotlight

A century after full citizenship, the count of Native Americans has grown sharply

BOOKS | Telling the suspenseful story that led to the Civil War