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October 9, 2021 | Vol. 36, No. 19

False positives

Radical abortion advocacy groups push to claim moral high ground despite the experiences of post-abortive women


U.S. resettlement agencies—including Christian groups—prepare for tens of thousands of Afghan refugees

The hard work of foster care takes a toll on families and children, but churches and ministries can help foster parents persevere and help birth parents stabilize their lives

70 reading recommendations, 2014-2021


A perfect father

A new documentary by the Kendrick brothers, Show Me the Father, tells how the presence or lack of a father points us to God the Father


Box Office Top 10

Top films for the weekend of Sept. 17-19

Lesser of two evils

Dark fairy tale

Kids’ fantasy Nightbooks is distastefully violent

A quiet masculinity

Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho explores what the old can teach the young about being a man


Hits and misses

Noteworthy new or recent releases

California sound, revisited

A new box set highlights some of the Beach Boys’ most innovative music

Generational battles

Generational battles

Learning from old-school leaders to redefine leadership of the future


Holy practices

Four accessible theology reviews

The bones cry out

Poetic words can’t hide the ugly truth about abortion

Children's Books

Fame and faith

Engaging stories from history

Life without wi-fi

Seven percent of Americans still don’t use the internet. Most of them are elderly and say they have better things to do

Planning funerals and sowing hope

A Christian funeral director in Hong Kong bucks Chinese customs by offering ceremonies in churches

Will we ever reach herd immunity?

More contagious variants of COVID-19 may push herd immunity out of reach, but vaccines remove the virus’s sting