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October 8, 2022 | Vol. 37, No. 19

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Michael Behe | ESSAY | Elegant molecular machines at the center of life belie Darwin’s theory

Famine threat

Onize Ohikere | As unprecedented hunger grips the Horn of Africa, impoverished families are running out of time

England adrift

Collin Garbarino | Christian Britain has lost its most prominent defender of the faith


Striking a chord with a hymn for the ages

TRENDING | The Foto Sisters add a beautiful tune to timeless lyrics


A multilayered problem

BOOKS | Homelessness is a crisis that more houses won’t fix

Pioneer preacher

BOOKS | A Scottish precursor to Kuyper and Schaeffer

Let the children sing

BOOKS | For young people, a book of hymns that isn’t simplistic

Children's Books

Adventures in theology

CHILDREN'S BOOKS | Four new books from Christian publishers


The Woman King

MOVIE | This epic set in 1820s West Africa shows two female warriors defending their homeland from enemies of any origin


MOVIE | Live-action detail and Tom Hanks’ portrayal of a grieving father add richness to a children’s tale

See How They Run

MOVIE | Self-referential whodunit is an enjoyable inside joke for Agatha Christie fans

Box Office Top 10

Top films for the weekend of Sept. 16-18


MOVIE | Hammy acting and an unambitious plot undercut a film about a boy torn between good and evil


A tale of two T Bones

MUSIC | Similarly named artists offer vastly different albums

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Reviews of four albums

Canine comfort

LIFESTYLE | How a group of golden retrievers brought a quiet presence to a Texas town in grief

Abortion as religion?

LAW | Advocates defend procedure as a religious right

Synthetic mice in a lab

SCIENCE | Scientists coax the growth of embryos from stem cells

Patterns of life

TECHNOLOGY | Police turn to warrantless phone surveillance app in the fight against crime