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March 18, 2017 | Vol. 32, No. 5

Books of the Year—sort of

Marvin Olasky | As we transition to more timely reporting, here are 12 pages on top books published from April through December, 2016

Understanding America

Sophia Lee, Marvin Olasky | Cultural carnage in the land of the free

History and ideology

Marvin Olasky | Upsetting conventional wisdom

Reaching back

Marvin Olasky | Three novels from the past offer insights into the political battles of today

Topping the Top 50

Jamie Dean | Christian leaders offer better reading options than last year’s Christian bestsellers

Science, math, and worldviews

Marvin Olasky | Darwinism heads toward senility

Understanding the world

Mindy Belz | As our vision expands, so does our appreciation

Iraq’s grisly liberation

Mindy Belz | Areas freed from the Islamic State’s grip display the depth of the terror group’s war crimes. As Iraqi forces continue that fight, American aid groups are staking out front-line positions, too

Where have all the biscuits gone?

Marvin Olasky | Long time passing for media and elites accustomed to special treatment

A heart for the brokenhearted

Sophia Lee | Grant Funk has lived the traumatic childhood he now sees every day among young people in Alaska


Wonder and discovery

Four recent science books

Religiously themed books

Glimpses of other cultures

A liberal visits Louisiana, a historian examines Islam

Doubting and seeking

Finding Jesus presents a skeptical but interesting examination of the Gospel accounts

The Shack

New film may raise some good questions, but avoid its heresies and answers

Paying for his sins

A superhero story of self-sacrifice is marred by R-rated content in 'Logan'

Shakespeare-Music Albums

Classically classical

A Bulgarian radio dispute suggests audiences miss old classical music
A writer at work

A writer at work

Rising early, slaying adverbs, and preserving a voice

Stronger on cyber
Russian hacks highlight need for robust U.S. cyber strategy
New baby? Just relax
The Chinese tradition of zuo yuezi provides plentiful rest (and strict rules) for mothers of newborns
A fresh pair of genes?
Gene editing could alter human embryos for life
Giving by group
Young professionals club focuses on Biblical financial stewardship