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Room with a viewpoint

Feb. 4 | Marvin Olasky notes the irony of an “inclusive” policy resulting in his and Susan’s excommunication from the Church of Airbnb because of a thought crime. This is a perfect example of progressives using illiberal methods to enforce “virtue,” as author Kim Holmes noted (“Progressive regression,” Feb. 4): Either agree with the leftist agenda, or they will hurt you. —DON STUART / Nashville, Ind.

Airbnb’s policy is not surprising and might be challenged legally. Airbnb, in essence, has stated, “Only secular progressive humanists may use this service.” —ROBERT CILLEY / Hershey, Pa.

After enjoying a stay through Airbnb, I got the email asking me to affirm its inclusive statement. I did not sign. I thought about opening our home to Airbnb travelers, but now I’ll have to look for another hospitality network. Too bad. —RACHEL JAMIESON / Harrisville, Mich.

‘No home here’

Feb. 4 | Thank you to Andrée Seu Peterson for her column about the “Hate Has No Home Here” placards. We are to hate what is evil and cling to what is good, but those who preach tolerance have no foundation for saying what is good or evil, defining them according to the shifting tides of political correctness and public opinion. I’m so glad we have God’s Word. —ESTHER TALBERT / Travelers Rest, S.C.

When God declares particular things hateful, He is protecting what He loves. This modern campaign against hate is popular because it appears to be righteous, but that is a pretense. Righteousness requires standing upright against what God hates as much as standing up for what God loves. —DONALD WOOLERY / Rockford, Ill.

I’m a millennial evangelical who is heartened every time I see a “Hate Has No Home Here” sign. I recognize the left-leaning message encoded, but the signs strike me as hugs of hope, a small promise of solidarity and affection for those feeling dismayed or personally threatened by Trump’s election. It grieves me to see fellow Christians narrowing their eyes at shows of human solidarity. —ANGELA TOWNSEND / Flemington, N.J.

These signs are another example of the left redefining words and then assuming that everyone will accept their new meanings. The fact that I don’t want babies to be murdered and think all children should have the advantages of a mother and a father doesn’t mean I hate. —MARY ANN LAMB on

‘College loan conundrum’

Feb. 4 | David Skeel concluded that “there is no great solution to the student loan mess.” Might I suggest that the government get out of the business of student loans entirely? In the 1960s my private college tuition was very affordable; even though many jobs for students paid little over $1 an hour, it was relatively easy to pay for school. And then another Great Society program ruined the system. —BOB SHILLINGSTAD / Hayden, Idaho

As a senior in high school facing college decisions, I appreciated your articles on student loans and college tuition. The true issue is Americans’ attitudes toward debt. If enough students refused to take out loans, then colleges would have to lower tuition or lose too many students to stay in business. —EMILY ANN METCALF / Bon Aqua, Tenn.

Blogger/professor Glenn Reynolds has suggested making colleges put some skin in the game by shouldering some of the repayment risk. He also points out that much of the additional tuition pays for more administrative staff rather than teaching faculty. —PHIL HAWKINS on

‘Future imperfect’

Feb. 4 | What a privilege to trust God as the Author and Finisher of all of world history as well as each moment, day, month, year, and era. It’s understandable that those without this trust will try to direct history on their own. —NEIL EVANS on

‘Human rights for all’

Feb. 4 | This column about American efforts to promote a sexual agenda internationally under the guise of “human rights” made me literally sick to my stomach. —ARLENE DEANS / Mission Viejo, Calif.

‘Up from idolatry’

Feb. 4 | This article about Nomura Takuyuki and his Christian testimony as a doctor in Japan blessed me so much. I loved the photos too. Now I have a new brother in Christ whom I feel connected to and can pray for. Thanks, WORLD. —DAYNA ROBINSON / Clifton, Texas

‘Through a glass, darkly’

Feb. 4 | Thank you for such an encouraging article. And praise God that someday Don and Karen Winget will be in the multitude who from the new earth will have a view of the universe that we can’t even imagine right now. I can hardly wait! —FRANK BROWN / Port Republic, N.J.

By the Numbers

Jan. 21 | I shared with a Jew I met your statistic that since 1948 Israelis have killed twice as many children in Israel by abortion than Hitler killed during the Holocaust. After a pause, he commented that those kinds of stories do not get reported. Thank you for shining a light where no one else does. —TIM MISKIMEN / Chiang Mai, Thailand

‘Bitter pills’

Jan. 21 | Thank you for opening my eyes to chemical abortion. It is insidious because for guilt-ridden mothers it’s less invasive and noticeable. But let’s not sugarcoat this pill: It’s baby poison. Here is yet another way America is leading the way in child sacrifice to the idol of convenience. —TODD FINCH on

‘Life on ice’

Jan. 21 | This article is chilling in more ways than one. The fact that evangelicals have not spoken out about the immorality of in vitro fertilization is shameful. In messing around with the very beginning of human life itself, “extra” embryos are the inevitable result, and the risks are just too great for the children created in God’s image. —RALPH W. DAVIS / Sterling, Va.


President Richard Nixon started the process of re-establishing ties to China in 1972 (“No longer shunned?,” Feb. 18, 2017).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn't have space for in the print edition:

‘Unhelpful insults’

Jan. 21 | Well said. Self-examination is indeed the key to growth, be it spiritual, moral, or in this case political. —WOODY KAYE / Roslyn Heights, N.Y.

‘New Year’s resolution’

Dec. 31 | This column is why I love WORLD journalism. We always need reminding that there's nothing new under the sun, and that life is always about glorifying our God and enjoying Him forever. A regular taste of Ecclesiastes is always good. —ELIZABETH EDGREN / West Richland, Wash.


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Even though I have not always agreed with everything in WORLD, I appreciate the well-thought-out articles that articulate your view. Thank you for helping me to remember that I am not the final authority. Please continue my subscription. —DIANA KNIGHT / Fallston, Md.


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