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December 5, 2020 | Vol. 35, No. 23

Midnight trains to Georgia

Jamie Dean | The Peach State prepares for a political frenzy as a pair of January runoffs determine the balance of the Senate—and the shape of the presidency

Mint cigarettes and gas rations

Marvin Olasky | Rediscovering a critical year in the U.S. fight against Nazism

Flights to freedom

Mindy Belz | The stories of two women making hard journeys to America show what refugees endure

United States of division?

Marvin Olasky | Solutions for pushing back against polarization

Matters of mystery

Marvin Olasky | Conventional science still fumbles with the question of how life began, but the best evidence points to a Designer

He calls you friend

Jamie Dean | Encountering Christ’s mercy for the hearts of sinners and sufferers

2020 Books of the Year

Marvin Olasky | Timely books in a tough season

Waiting for order

Jamie Dean | Lessons to learn in the aftermath of the presidential election

COVID-19 behind bars

Emily Belz | Pandemic restrictions lead to extreme isolation for inmates who can’t access visitors, ministries, and education

A “women’s wave” for the GOP

Harvest Prude | As remaining House race results trickle in, Democrats cast blame and Republicans consider gains made possible in part by successful women candidates


All is not as it seems

Three current novels and an oldie

Read all about it

Books about this year’s big news stories
Children's Books

Devotions and delights

Books to quiet the soul and frame a new year

A new classic?

Big-budget, music-filled Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey is a hit

Wholesome young radicals

The Trial of the Chicago 7 presents an entertaining but fictionalized account of its subjects

New sheriff in town

Vindication is a well-acted crime drama

Space Age traditions

The Mandalorian continues digging into intriguing worldview themes in Season 2

Hollow Hillbilly

New film Hillbilly Elegy replaces complex characters with a mediocre Appalachian melodrama

Rough around the edges

Billy Joe Shaver led a hard life but penned music full of truth

Atypical “best-ofs”

New and noteworthy releases
Parsing the politics of tyranny

Parsing the politics of tyranny

Why conservatives and liberals repeatedly underestimate the revolutionaries

’Tis the season to reschedule
In a college football season beset by the coronavirus, Pac-12’s late start looks wise
Flying unfriendly skies
WWII pilot Bill Patten faced perils of combat and turned to God
Sleeping it off
Sobering centers are a new model to help cities handle public intoxication and provide addicts with treatment opportunities, yet some worry they may enable bad behavior