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No ordinary time

Oct. 24—Robert Vreugde/El Lago, Texas

I think Amy Coney Barrett displayed such coolheaded composure while being grilled by liberal Democratic senators because, as a mother of seven, she has a lot of experience successfully managing children.

Accusations against an apologist

Oct. 24—Cathy Fonda/Addison, Maine

My heart breaks for Ravi Zacharias’ family and RZIM. My heart goes out to those accusing him, too. Whether the accusations turn out to be true or false, I pray they will find whatever healing is necessary.

Henry Schuyten/Canton, Mich.

I consider Emily Belz’s article on Ravi Zacharias to be a piece of gossip that is unprofitable and potentially harmful—and unnecessarily graphic. The man is dead. He cannot defend ­himself. Repentance in this life is no longer possible. Please cancel my subscription.

Third party?

Oct. 24—Bruce Henne/Salem, Wis.

Joel Belz’s attempt to put President Donald Trump’s negative quirks on the same level as the agenda of the Democrats is misguided. It’s akin to rejecting someone because of the way he holds his teacup.

Rich Gaffin/Burke, Va.

If our two-party system presents us with increasingly unpalatable lesser-of-two-evils choices, then perhaps faithful Christian citizenship means working to create alternatives. With reforms such as ranked-choice voting, third parties become more viable.

Quick Takes

Oct. 24—Robert Ziegler/Hermitage, Tenn.

Like Sara Lyons, I am 96 years old, but so far I haven’t been able to bowl a “no-tap 300.” I didn’t start bowling till I was about 75 but continue to compete in a senior league.

A historic finish

Oct. 24—Pat and Beth Kelly/Palmyra, Pa.

Mindy Belz laments President Trump’s decrease in refugee admissions but offers no reasons as to why he is establishing this level. Is this a result of national safety concerns due to terrorism and increased COVID-19 safety? We don’t know.

More on WORLD’s coverage

Rachael Thompson/Houston, Texas

Your coverage of President Trump is very biased. You rarely criticize him or his actions and lies. It’s a shame there’s no place at the table at WORLD for people like me who are mourning what our nation has become under his leadership. I probably will not renew my magazine subscription.

Janet Carter/Wellington, Nev.

I love WORLD but have noticed a distinct change—like a new off-flavor in my favorite dish. How can you throw your vote away? And the United States isn’t the only country refugees can go to. I will continue to read WORLD, probably with even greater interest, and just see if you guys get more and more “unflavorful.”

Othniel Doolittle/Carbondale, Ill.

Trump, churches, Falwell, Christian leaders … whatever the subject, I am so thankful for your Biblical journalism. I am happy to add subscriptions to replace those of people who only want their own opinions printed.


President Trump has appointed more than 200 federal judges (“Calling on a fighter to fight,” Oct. 10, p. 55).

South Korean police surveilled the homes and office of Voice of the Martyrs Korea leaders (“Bursting balloons of freedom,” Nov. 21, p. 53).

Roland Chadwick is the sole composer of the songs on The Omnibus (“Melodic sensibilities,” Nov. 21, p. 35).

More letters, emails, and comments we didn’t have space for in the print edition:

IN-famous doctrines

Oct. 24—Tim Senne/Colorado Springs, Colo.

The purveyors of leftist dogma are not interested in dialogue or debate. The leftists I know believe that to engage conservatives is to give tacit recognition to viewpoints—and people—they despise. That is why they prefer character assassination and emotional appeals—because it is much easier than providing a reasoned and coherent response.

Mystery makeover

Oct. 24—Holly Braendlein (age 12)/Kent, Wash.

My family and I watched Enola Holmes and loved it! Enola is high-spirited and strong, and super smart! She’s also quite funny.

Accusations against an apologist

Oct. 24—Lilly Ann Haugo-Rusher/Everett, Wash.

I do not expect this to be printed, but I must express my pain in reading what I really did not profit by reading. Even if the allegations are eventually substantiated, I see no good purpose in sharing them. It sickened me to read what was shared.

Margaret Mattox/Anderson, S.C.

This kind of investigative journalism should raise the fear of God in any Christian leader who is operating under the assumption that he can “have his cake and eat it too.” Thank you, WORLD, for being a Nathan for our time.

Lois VanderStel/Grand Rapids, Mich.

I believe that Ravi Zacharias may have gotten off track. He left himself wide open by being involved with a massage business. If you had a small article stating these things, it may have been appropriate. But the size of the article with the very large photo really “splashed” it out there. Satan can use this to greatly discredit God’s work.

Louene Rattray/Phoenix, Ariz.

I thank God for the impact Ravi Zacharias has had on my life and will continue to support RZIM whether the allegations are true or false. May “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ” be even more intensified, eclipsing the distracting frailty of this deceased, humble servant of God.

Chuck Tompkins/Ithaca, N.Y.

While we lament the allegations against a warrior for the kingdom of God, I fear that the salacious details come close to journalistic voyeurism. If the allegations are true, it is in the Apostle Paul’s words worse than a “shame,” but maybe “shame” is where journalistic license crosses a line, which I fear WORLD and other news outlets have done, contrary to Paul’s exhortation.

Mike Carlson/Weeki Wachee, Fla.

Evangelist Freddie Gage is credited for the quote “The church is the only army that shoots its wounded.” Apparently, it shoots its dead too. The Bible is transparent about the sins of God’s people, but it serves as a realistic backdrop to the mercy of God. As we do the difficult work of exposing wrongdoing, may we also emphasize the undeserved salvation of our Lord.

Priscilla Knoble/Seattle, Wash.

This article has completely turned me off of WORLD. Forever I will equate WORLD with articles that cannot be trusted—not even necessarily because the content is true or untrue but because I do not see Christ’s heart reflected in what was allowed in print. I will not subscribe or even read your publication anymore.

Susan Kiely/Denver, Colo.

I feel sadness for the women involved, as well as those who saw Ravi Zacharias as a spiritual light in this age of darkness. It also gives young people yet another reason to view the Church as a bunch of hypocrites and money grabbers.

Third party?

Oct. 24—John Salvesen/Keller, Texas

President Trump is not a believer, so my expectations of his words are not necessarily high, but the delivery of his policy has been spectacular on all fronts. Trump is no Sunday school teacher, but he sure knows how to hire and appoint them.

Mark McEvoy/Glenmoore, Pa.

Are these really the best candidates we can put forward? The system is broken—along with its parts—and could use a serious update. Of course, any discussion of these problems would require an open mind and civility.

Ellen Keyes/Orlando, Fla.

We can all agree that the choice of presidential candidates is frustrating. We can also agree that voting outside of the two major parties is a risk. I’m praying for a miracle, namely the salvation of President Trump, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Sen. Kamala Harris.


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