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December 3, 2022 | Vol. 37, No. 23

Dangerously funny

Seth Dillon | The left’s all-out war on satire is really a fight over truth—and every citizen’s right to speak it

2022 Books of the Year

Timothy Lamer | This year’s selections highlight a complex Founding Father, personal and political freedom, a defense of Christianity, a backlash to the sexual revolution, and more

Understanding Jefferson

Collin Garbarino | BOOK OF THE YEAR | Shedding light on an inspiring Founder of high principles who failed miserably at living up to them

Standing and surviving

Emily Whitten | 2022 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Memoirs tell of taking risks for different kinds of freedom

Honorable Mentions: Tragedies and mercies

2022 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Selections on abortion, the sexual revolution, foster care, and psalms for comfort

A gospel for all

Sandy Barwick | 2022 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Christianity is an inherently diverse religion

Honorable Mentions: Political and private insights

2022 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Selections on history, conservatism, economics, and personal growth

A radical reversal?

Timothy Lamer | 2022 BOOKS OF THE YEAR | Feminist authors reconsider the sexual revolution


Telling a better story

TRENDING | Pan-European Christian news outlets offer information and connection in the face of cultural opposition


Recapturing attention

BOOKS | Social media and a cognitively degraded society

Shooting straight

BOOKS | Bill Barr offers a thoughtful memoir

Faith in the face of evil

BOOKS | Mariam Ibraheem was persecuted but not abandoned

Children's Books

Advent devotionals for families

CHILDREN’S BOOKS | Four books for preparing Him room


Wakanda Forever

MOVIE | The sequel to Black Panther is entertaining, just don’t expect it to make much sense

An Angelic Christmas

MOVIE | Angel-themed family film is clean but misses the mark

The Mysterious Benedict Society

TELEVISION | Season 2 of a wholesome and thought-provoking children’s show critiques the pursuit of empty happiness

Box Office Top 10

MOVIES |Top films for the weekend of Nov. 11-13


TELEVISION | Promising Netflix series gets busted by family unfriendly content


Sharp edges and an irresistible groove

MUSIC | Remembering Loretta Lynn and Ramsey Lewis

New and noteworthy

MUSIC | Reviews of four holiday albums

Cyber suppression

RELIGION | Chinese Christians face stricter internet regulations and learn to adapt

Running from reality

SPORTS | Major marathons add “nonbinary” to list of categories in which runners may compete

Playing fetch indoors

TECHNOLOGY | Autonomous tray table provides household help

A pro-parent ruling

LAW | Court affirms right to opt schoolchildren out of transgender teaching