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June 27, 2020 | Vol. 35, No. 12

Both sides, now

After George Floyd’s death, we shouldn’t ignore protesters’ cries or looters’ destruction

The road to reopening Businesses around the U.S. are reopening after the coronavirus pandemic, but different places face different challenges
Biden’s summer bet Picking a potential vice president is a critical moment in Joe Biden’s presidential campaign—and it’s now more complex than he anticipated
Brutal and brazen A local terror group’s increasing attacks in Mozambique are raising concern of a new Islamist force in southern Africa
No time to be distant When single moms faced a pandemic crisis that might send their children to state care, Christian families stepped up to help—but two states have blocked the nonprofits that enable such work
Nine reads we recommend this summer From classics to new releases, here are titles worth your time
“All come to look for America” Four classics from authors who tried to find meaning in their traveling
Mixed agendas Most demonstrators wanted to protest George Floyd’s death; others wanted to light the world on fire
“This is what we do over here” Camden, where police and neighborhood ministries and businesses have rebuilt trust following high crime and police corruption, shows a path forward for other police departments in need of reform


No safe harbor


Is that your final answer?

Quiz asks more questions than it answers while probing a caper

Superhero or super-stereotypes?

Will CW hit be a culture war salvo?

A man for our times

Ulysses S. Grant shines in a new docuseries that mostly focuses on his military career

False innocence

Film makes a wealthy family the unwitting villains

A tale of two series

Wounded lead characters and their approaches to life couldn't be more different in award-winning shows

Lonely pilgrimages

Noteworthy new or recent releases

Dion and friends

With new Blues album, an aging DiMucci sounds sharp in the tooth
Challenging assumptions

Challenging assumptions

Surprising characters and problematic postures shaped the country’s Great Society

Deception, mystery, and romance

Four novels from Christian publishers

A destructive addiction

On the pornography treadmill
Children's Books


Four historical books for middle graders

A doctor goes to New York
One Minnesota doctor’s experience volunteering at the COVID-19 front lines for a week
Canines against disease
Specially trained dogs can help seizure sufferers and perhaps identify coronavirus infections
Anglicans and a Supreme Court victory in North Texas
Conservatives seeking to retain church property score a rare legal win