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June 26, 2021 | Vol. 36, No. 12

A year of riots

Two Pacific Northwest cities remain a hub for violent race protests a year after George Floyd’s death, and some local leaders and churches say the vandalism and extremism have hindered real racial progress

The cage-free scramble

Retailers and restaurants are lining up for eggs that come from cage-free chickens. How did the cause go from animal rights activists’ pet project to the mainstream?

Inside hearts and heads

A conversation on fiction, faith, and character-writing with novelist Sarah Hulse

Beachy-keen reads

Five summertime book-reading recommendations from WORLD staffers

Back roads back in time

How has Middle America changed in the last 50 years?

Disappearing documentaries

Hong Kong once welcomed films critical of Beijing. Now they’re moving elsewhere


Gridiron mission

Historical football drama 12 Mighty Orphans makes wrong calls

Hybrids ‘R’ Us

Dystopian TV series Sweet Tooth portrays a ravaged world, but hope shines through the darkness

Box Office Top 10

Top films for the weekend of June 4-6

A legend in the woods

In The Water Man, two children’s quest to find a mysterious figure will intrigue viewers but may scare younger kids

Fishing for a living

In Blue Miracle, orphan boys and a gruff fisherman become unlikely partners in a fishing competition

In need of puppies

Don’t expect playful, precious Dalmatian pups in Disney’s Cruella

Missing the uprights

Under the Stadium Lights fails to convey effectively either faith or football drama

Rollicking ride

Emphasizing family and friendship, horse film Spirit Untamed will delight young-girl audiences

Man against monsters

A Quiet Place Part II is packed with jump-scares for theatergoers


Audience appreciation

Two new box sets may have limited appeal to general audiences

A crop of covers

Noteworthy new or recent releases


On being human

Books on Christianity, the sanctity of life, and more

The Christian walk

Four classic books

Children's Books

Worldview building

Nonfiction books for teens

A spike in suicides

After a decade of dropping suicide rates in Japan, the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase

A dip in suicides

Despite fears to the contrary, preliminary data suggests U.S. suicides decreased amid the pandemic

COVID-19’s Patient Zero

Christian physician assistant Keith Erickson treated the first known case of the coronavirus in the United States

Will Portland strike out?

Last year’s violent protests in Portland could hurt the city’s chances of attracting baseball’s Oakland A’s

More vaccination questions and answers

Addressing concerns about mRNA vaccines, adverse reactions, and viral mutations

Coronavirus from a lab?

Why scientists aren’t yet dismissing the lab-origin theory of the COVID-19 virus