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Religious employers win temporary reprieve during the legal battle

The Supreme Court released decisions on cases involving domestic abusers and firearms, water rights in the American West, a political retribution arrest, and a 2017 tax law

States stand up to the redefinition of sex discrimination

TRENDING | As public libraries strive to remain relevant, a renewed focus on Andrew Carnegie’s legacy may be just what we need

Rep. Bob Good is on the verge of losing his seat in Congress

SPORTS | MLB adds Negro League stats, shaking up all-time lists

Moneybeat: AI investing

David Bahnsen predicts that like the internet revolution, tech bubble, and dot-com crash, only some of the AI backbone companies will succeed

A lesson from President Lincoln

Katelyn Walls Shelton | A step-by-step approach to banning abortion will save as many lives as possible


The Stew

Voter registration on the rise in Iowa


A chat with Wayne Grudem


Standing for babies


Parents sue New York school district over speech policy

World Tour

Slain U.S. missionaries to Haiti still inspire


Ignoring the costs of transgenderism

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R. Albert Mohler Jr. | The SBC removes an historic church and passes an historic statement on IVF

TELEVISION | Woke new Star Wars show extends Disney’s recent missteps and fails as a mystery-thriller

Melton L. Duncan | The recent PCA General Assembly’s historic actions

Maria Baer | Someday the media will pretend they never said boys can be girls

BOOKS | The Challenger disaster, a thriller set in the Montana mountains, and more

Kristen Waggoner | Now in his third lawsuit, Jack Phillips’ impact reaches far beyond the law