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Pro-life lawmakers in South Carolina face difficult calculus

Pro-life lawmakers in South Carolina face difficult calculus

State legislators in a special session weigh their options while activists on the ground watch the real-life effects

Activists fear increasing hostility in the wake of Roe’s overturn will scare some young people away from pro-life efforts

Pro-abortion pushback puts a spotlight on online marketing methods of pregnancy ministries

A summer that started with hopes of shutting down Michigan abortion facilities ends with efforts to oppose a ballot initiative


Legislative special sessions after Dobbs draw attention to differing views among Republicans about abortion

Pro-lifers say the department is shopping for pro-abortion judges

Supporters of a pro-life amendment in Kansas say widespread misinformation following the Dobbs decision contributed to its defeat

But others say the Dobbs decision won’t affect military recruiting much

Action from the Biden administration has been minimal following Roe’s overturn, but some directives still pose challenges

Mississippi’s last abortion facility invokes a 1998 state Supreme Court ruling to block enforcement of protections for unborn babies