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Trump’s uphill battle against Big Tech censorship

Trump’s uphill battle against Big Tech censorship

Former president’s class-action lawsuits face stiff legal winds

Biden ends the war in Afghanistan, COVID cases are on the rise, fans barred from the Olympics, rescue turns to recovery in Surfside, unemployment claims rise, and Haiti arrests suspects in president’s assassination

Christians should prepare to choose between their careers and their convictions

The president hopes to encourage legal permanent residents to become citizens


More victims found in Surfside rubble, Elsa makes landfall, Delta dominates in the U.S., Trump sues social media, and assassins kill Haitian president

Texas governor resurrects Trump’s controversial plan to stop illegal immigration

Decision not to hear the case of a Christian florist creates uncertainty for other business owners

Can the culture’s anything goes mentality really be called a standard?

Hurricane Elsa bears down on Florida, hope for finding survivors fades in Surfside, a record-breaking ransomware attack, Biden talks COVID-19, and a plane crash in Russia