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Legal Docket: Mahanoy Area School District v Levy - S2.E6

Legal Docket: Mahanoy Area School District v Levy - S2.E6

A cheerleader’s vulgar post on social media lands her in trouble with the school, but judicial precedent from the 1960s and the First Amendment protects her right to free speech

Meet the first woman with a disability to clerk for the high court

Find out what it's like to work as a law clerk for a Supreme Court justice. In this episode, hosts Mary Reichard and Jenny Rough talk with five law clerks, plus a Marshal's aide, for an inside peek at what goes on when the court is not in session.

Justices deliver a major victory for Texas pro-lifers but stop short of threatening Roe v. Wade


Indian tribes are considered a nation within a nation. U.S. v Cooley looks at how much authority a tribe's law enforcement has to investigate crimes by non-Indians on its reservation.

One woman’s fight to open a shelter for human trafficking victims

Religious Liberty and emerging LGBT rights clash when the city of Philadelphia excludes Catholic Social Services from placing children with foster families.

Who has President Biden nominated to fill vacancies on the federal courts?

Law professor who recovered from COVID sues over his university’s vaccine mandate