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Many Russian troops are on the run as Ukrainian forces advance, lower gas costs slowed U.S. inflation for a second straight month in August, the Biden administration is pressuring freight railroads and their unions to settle a contract dispute, a hearse carrying Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin made its way through London, Twitter’s former head of security turned whistleblower testified on Capitol Hill

Reviving the Iran nuclear deal remains a top priority of the Biden administration


Virginia Prodan worked as a lawyer in communist Romania under dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. He sent a man to assassinate her. Instead, Prodan witnessed Christ to him.

Biden renewed his calls for Americans to unite around a mission to end cancer, the Ukrainian military freed more than 20 settlements in 24 hours, the head of the WHO pointed to the unseen suffering in Ukraine amid the war, thousands in Scotland paid respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III addressed Parliament for the first time as king, a rocket owned by the Jeff Bezos-founded space company Blue Origin blasted off from West Texas on Monday

Americans commemorated the anniversary of 9/11, Ukrainian troops continue a major counteroffensive against Russian forces, workers at Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant were able to reconnect it to the electricity grid, King Charles III formally became the sovereign of the UK, a hearse carrying the queen’s flag-draped casket drove slowly through the Scottish countryside, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the U.S. is not in a recession

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor delivers an address about understanding your adversary