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Bans on speech

Bans on speech

A circuit court ruling supports bans on speech in eight states

There’s a reason the framers of the Constitution put limits on judicial power

Hurricane Fiona slammed Turks and Caicos, lawyers for migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard have filed a lawsuit against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a record number of migrants have crossed the U.S. southern border, officials in Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine will vote to become part of Russia, the UN General Assembly is meeting in person this week, the special master tasked with reviewing FBI files seized from Mar-a-Lago met with lawyers from both sides yesterday


A new Mississippi law protects unborn life after 15 weeks’ gestation. The only abortion provider in the state sued, arguing the law is a direct affront to Supreme Court precedent.

Hurricane Fiona is taking aim at Turks and Caicos, the Taliban freed a U.S. veteran in a prisoner swap with the United States, Beijing is voicing anger after President Biden indicated the U.S. would defend Taiwan, Ukraine is accusing Moscow of nuclear terrorism, the Pentagon’s intelligence chief says Russian forces are incapable of achieving Putin’s initial aims

World leaders have gathered to pay final respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II, Ukrainian officials say they’ve found evidence of more potential war crimes, Hurricane Fiona struck Puerto Rico, a powerful storm swept north through the Bering Strait, the mayor of New York City is calling on the federal government to help care for hundreds of migrants arriving in the city

Has the Supreme Court become an extension of the political process?