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May 7, 2022 | Vol. 37, No. 9

A long shadow

Growing up on a cult compound shaped three siblings for life

Home-schooling journeys ın Africa

From Nigeria to South Africa, parents find ways to make teaching their children at home work

Europeans affirm life

The pro-life movement is growing in Europe but needs new, positive messages

Web of deception

The “fake reality” and peer contagion of the internet are leading many teen girls into transgenderism


Nations protect God’s creation

President Obama produces and hosts series on the world’s great national parks

Fighting for justice

Low-caste journalists report courageously


Box Office Top 10

Top films for the weekend of April 15-17

Sonic is back to speedily save the day

The Bad Guys are good

A quick-witted kids’ caper with a heart of gold

Prizefighter to priest

The gritty story of a changed life


A European tour

Noteworthy new or recent releases

Great music from war-torn lands

New albums by Solomiya Ivakhiv and the Estonian Philharmonic Choir

Ministering to le gouvernement Français

Ministering to le gouvernement Français

French Evangelicals seek to be salt and light in the public sphere


The Dark Ages were actually pretty bright

Middle Ages get a contemporary look

The bond between mothers and daughters

Christian novels with strong female leads

Children's Books

Curious characters

Noteworthy read-aloud books

“FAITH” for the five-letter win

Religious variants of WORDLE are cool, but they may not last long

Wool that goes around the world

Wool is at the center of Australia’s geopolitical relationships with China and India

Secret service

One man’s undercover work helped chronicle the Klan