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June 4, 2022 | Vol. 37, No. 11

Good without God?

A century ago, humanism began its dance with death; now it’s picking up tempo

Bullhorns and abortion slogans at the Supreme Court

Pro-abortion protests turn aggressive following a Supreme Court leak threatening the future of Roe v. Wade

A <em>Roe</em> by many other names

Regardless of how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in this summer’s big abortion case, pro-life efforts in several states will be stunted by state-level court rulings that declared an implicit right to abortion in the state constitutions

An Army of sights and sounds

“Ghost Army” soldiers were the master illusionists of World War II, and their secrets are finally being told


Sicilian flimflam

Operation Mincemeat tells the story behind a WWII disinformation campaign

Truthful fiction

Ukrainian political comedy is both pithy and prescient

A humorous look at faith and family

Family Camp's not perfect but offers a funny take on family life

Marvel loses its magic

The latest Doctor Strange movie fails to deliver on its promise signaling Marvel Studios may have lost its way


Classical music lost three greats

Harrison Birtwistle, Nicholas Angelich, and Radu Lupu died within 48 hours

CCM has good niches

Contemporary Christian Music still offers some quality albums

Pro-life means pro-babies and pro-moms

Pro-life means pro-babies and pro-moms

The Supremes may overturn Roe v. Wade, but the work of Students for Life will go on


Lifting up or tearing down?

Books that touch on equality in the United States

Winning a cold war with China

Authors delve into the CCP’s world strategy and brutal history

Children's Books

Faith-filled focus

Four recent books from Christian publishers

City and church clash over RV ministry

Federal lawsuit claims city violated federal law in zoning out ministry

Friday night rights

Prayer at high school football games comes under fire in court

Inside a Nigerian art village

One woodcarver pursues a lifelong passion and career