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Choosing the education reform road not taken

Choosing the education reform road not taken

Jennifer Patterson | Parental choice in education is the way forward

Part two of our exploration into the Redemptive Narrative. How do the final two chapters of the biblical story inform not just how we view the news, but how we view all of life?

EDUCATION | Multiple states give teacher salaries a boost

The kingdom of heaven is built on Jesus, not on “life principles”


When we encounter stories in the news, we frame them as part of a bigger picture, an overarching story. For Christians, it’s the Redemptive Narrative. But what is this “Redemptive Narrative?” And how does it impact the way we view the news?

Adeline A. Allen | Maybe Christians should reconsider how we think about college

Jennifer Patterson | A year of post-pandemic scores shows the urgency of helping students recover lost ground

How does the news cover environmental topics? What makes these issues so contentious among believers? We’re joined by environmental engineer Nathan Howell to explore a Christian stance toward the environment.

The Supreme Court rules against the decades-old admissions policy