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We’re back with our panel of guests to talk about learning from failure in culture. How do headline-making mistakes inform the way we teach our kids and students? How does failure factor into engaging community, including the broader culture in which we are placed? Dr. Bob Burns, Dr. Donald Guthrie, and Jessie Swigart help us explore the big questions.

State sues district to block parental notification policy

Why does our data matter? How do we explain it to our kids? Today we’re tackling a listener question on data privacy.


Joseph Griffith | A diverse coalition of parents fights against LGBT indoctrination of their children

Older generations knew education, not indoctrination, made public schools great

We’re joined by Constitutional Law professor Dr. Jesse Merriam to talk about the Supreme Court of the United States. The headlines call this a “partisan court.” President Joe Biden says it’s “not a normal court.” What do they mean by that? Why does the Supreme Court exist?

A school on Long Island resists the New York Board of Governors’ directive to remove Native American imagery and nicknames

What is microdosing? And what does it have to do with industry leaders of Silicon Valley? We’re using the SOAR method to break down a Wall Street Journal article on psychedelics in the world of tech.