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The academic left’s proselytizing zeal

The academic left’s proselytizing zeal

Nathan A. Finn | Diversity, equity, and inclusion statements threaten higher education

Parents demand laws and policies that make it easier to report and remove sexually explicit books in school libraries

Kelsey and Jonathan respond to listener feedback from “Video gaming and creation rhythms.” Are video games truly isolating? And how can parents find safe games for kids?

Mary Jackson | In the fight over sexualized content in kids’ books, concerned parents show that free speech cuts both ways


The mortar that holds public education together was stripped away

Jennifer Patterson | Momentum builds as Iowa and Utah enact universal education savings accounts

Tough girls? Gentle boys? In response to a listener question, Kelsey and Jonathan look to the redemptive narrative to explore today’s changing gender expectations.

One district’s policy could keep parents in the dark

Tim Goeglein | We’ll lose our nation if we don’t do a better job of teaching history and civics