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The soft tyranny of safe spaces

The soft tyranny of safe spaces

Nathan A. Finn | Authentic education requires challenging students with ideas that may offend them

How does America’s housing crisis affect our discipleship process with kids and teens? What does it mean to defend family, fight despair, and pursue contentment? We’re SOARing the State of the Nation’s Housing report on today’s episode.

How should parents and teachers understand the concept of trauma? What do we make of terms like “ghosting” and “gaslighting?” Pastor and licensed counselor Michael Coggin joins the podcast to walk us through these difficult ideas.

Daniel R. Suhr | Christian colleges aren’t in a good position to weather the coming demographic storm


EDUCATION | Schools turn to digital maps for emergencies

Is there ever a time to lie? We’re looking at an oft-misquoted commandment to see how ancient wisdom helps us solve modern dilemmas.

Thaddeus Williams | The University of Florida jettisons its DEI office—and more of us should, too

Florida lawmakers approve a certification for classical educators