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Christian education in a time of gender confusion

Christian education in a time of gender confusion

Jennifer Patterson | Changing federal interpretations of biological sex raise new challenges for Christian schools

Gov. Roy Cooper chooses not to veto the legislature’s plan to expand the state’s universal education savings account program

At God’s WORLD News, we’re building news literacy to better live out the gospel. But what does that look like in practice? We’re joined by GWN Managing Editor Rebecca Cochrane to explore our philosophy behind writing the news for kids.


Kathleen Buswell Nielson | Renaming Wheaton’s Buswell Library fails to tell the gospel story

John D. Wilsey | College life offers rich opportunities

Some debate judge paradigms are moving from argumentation preferences into subject matter preferences

Christian nationalism. You’ve heard it in the news. Maybe you’ve heard it in the pulpit. What makes this term so hard to pin down? And how do we teach our kids about the relationship between God and country?

A missionary flight mechanic faces challenges on the ground that keep him from getting into the air