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Charter schools get a pandemic-year boost

Charter schools get a pandemic-year boost

Enrollment grew by 7 percent during the 2020-2021 school year

Parents need the power to break the government’s stranglehold on schooling

Tax-supported scholarship programs are about supporting parents and students, not schools
State constitutional roadblocks to school choice grew out of anti-Catholic hostility and the myth of educational neutrality

New survey shows moms and dads want more from school than the three R’s
Trump administration proposes $1 billion to advance vouchers, parental control
State lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to block any effort to use tax money for private schools
An education battle in Texas could play out across the country
Taxpayer-funded education savings accounts are constitutional but lawmakers must find new funding source
"Father of vouchers" Milton Friedman tells WORLD the high court has freed legislatures to make school-choice decisions-by ending the "endless litigation"