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Lawless is a true crime podcast that examines a frightening fact of American life: That not every crime is against the law. Season 1 investigates a story that in 2005 riveted the world: the case of Terri Schiavo, a brain-injured woman whose husband and parents fought a bitter legal war over Terri’s right to die, or…. right to live.

Episode 8: A Little Slice of Hell

Exhausted by a week of testimony in the trial over Terri’s feeding tube, Michael and the Schindlers wait for a verdict. But the fight isn’t over yet.


WORLD Radio - Episode 8: A Little Slice of Hell

Episode 7: The Trouble with Uncle Fred

In January 2000, Michael and the Schindlers head to court to decide once and for all: What did Terri want?


WORLD Radio - Episode 7: The Trouble with Uncle Fred

Episode 6: Do You Want to Die?

After Palm Garden Convalescent Center blocks Michael's attempt to end Terri's life, all goes quiet on the legal front. But then a key figure enters the case, a lawyer whose personal—and spiritual—mission is centered on the right to die.


WORLD Radio - Episode 6: Do You Want to Die?

Lawless: Update

Last month, life imitated art when an MRI showed that Lynn had suffered a brain injury. Then, a second MRI surprised everyone.


WORLD Radio - Lawless: Update

Lawless - Episode 5.5: Brain Trust

In the midst of reporting on the Schiavo case, Lynn gets up close and personal with the inside of an ambulance, and the team lays out some of the most pressing questions of the case so far.


WORLD Radio - Lawless - Episode 5.5: Brain Trust

Lawless - Episode 5: Bad Blood

After a bitter argument, Michael and the Schindlers find themselves on opposite sides of a family feud and the fight for Terri’s guardianship.


WORLD Radio - Lawless - Episode 5: Bad Blood

Lawless - Episode 4: For Love or Money?

Short on cash, Terri's family hopes a malpractice settlement will solve all their money problems.


WORLD Radio - Lawless - Episode 4: For Love or Money?

Episode 3.5: The Greek

Dan Grieco was at Michael Schiavo’s side from the beginning: Employer, attorney, and friend. In this special episode of Lawless, Grieco remembers the early days of the Schiavo case, and the opening legal moves that would set off a decade of bitter litigation.


WORLD Radio - Episode 3.5: The Greek

Episode 3: Family Secrets

As Michael Schiavo starts the grueling task of caring for his disabled wife, secrets begin to surface, and family fractures start to appear.


WORLD Radio - Episode 3: Family Secrets

Episode 2: Ballerina

After paramedics find Terri Schiavo unconscious in her apartment, doctors suggest a cause for her brain injury—but physical evidence at the scene raises questions.


WORLD Radio - Episode 2: Ballerina

Episode 1: Thunderstorm (Prologue)

In 2005, the Terri Schiavo story riveted the world. New York Times bestselling author Lynn Vincent reinvestigates the case that changed the way we think about life, death, and what it means to be human.


WORLD Radio - Episode 1: Thunderstorm (Prologue)

Lawless Trailer

Reasonable Doubt: The Terri Schiavo Story


WORLD Radio - Lawless Trailer

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