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The World and Everything in It: August 16, 2023

The World and Everything in It: August 16, 2023

On Washington Wednesday, Georgia has indicted Donald Trump on racketeering charges; on World Tour, news from Niger, Pakistan, Russia, Yemen, and South Africa; and a Christian school in Mississippi offers full-ride scholarships for students. Plus, commentary from Ryan Bomberger, and the Wednesday morning news

New York City struggles to house waves of migrants who come to stay; educators start the school year with ChatGPT as both a useful learning aid and a concerning cheating tool; and learning to love the wild Canadian wilderness at a fishing lodge. Plus, picture day for 17 pairs of twins in Scotland, commentary from Calvin Robinson, and the Tuesday morning news

On Legal Docket, the tragic case of a girl and her goat; on the Monday Moneybeat, the mixed bag of CPI and PPI numbers; and on the World History Book, 25 years ago, Bill Clinton lies about his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Plus, an extravagant anniversary flower arrangement and the Monday morning news


Voters in Ohio reject a plan to raise the threshold for amending the state constitution; Russia exploits coup in West Africa to gain allies; and a missionary pilot organization turns 75. Plus, a bear crashes a Colorado wedding reception, commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, Ron DeSantis replaces his campaign manager amid a decline in fundraising and poll numbers; on World Tour, news from Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Ethiopia, and … space; and canning used to be a way of life for home economies, but now preserving food is a hobby. Plus, a suspicious sprinter sets a record time in China, commentary from Janie B. Cheaney, and the Wednesday morning news

A hazing scandal at a Big Ten school raises questions about how to fix abusive athletic cultures; Religious liberty cases about conscientious objection to race-based mentoring, sexually explicit books in school libraries, and septic tanks; and learning about theology from a C.S. Lewis chatbot. Plus, cheesy traffic accident, commentary from Andrée Seu Peterson, and the Tuesday morning news

On Legal Docket, two lower court cases about free speech outside of abortion businesses; on the Monday Moneybeat, Fitch’s new credit rating for the U.S. government is arbitrary, but the spike in new debt needs to be addressed; and on the World History Book, a new justice joins the Supreme Court, AirBnB is born, and the U.K. sets a new heat record. Plus, the Monday morning news

On Culture Friday, explaining the absurd reasoning behind a headline that abortion bans create teen parents; Reviews of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem and Miraculous: The Movie; and Ask the Editor for August. Plus, commentary from Whitney Williams and the Friday morning news

Donald Trump is indicted on four charges related to the events of January 6th; Laws that create an abortion ban in Idaho face an unusual legal challenge from an LGBT group; and a former church librarian’s hymn project during COVID leads her to an unexpected ministry opportunity. Plus, hiring a Chief Uno Player, commentary from Cal Thomas, and the Thursday morning news