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The World and Everything in It: January 9, 2024

The World and Everything in It: January 9, 2024

The Supreme Court agrees to hear Donald Trump’s challenge to Colorado’s ballot, courts protect state laws keeping abortion out of the emergency room and researchers of George Gershwin try to recreate “Rhapsody in Blue.” Plus, Daniel Darling on the NBA and abortion and the Tuesday morning news

On Legal Docket, a case that could open the door to a wealth tax in America; on the Monday Moneybeat, good and bad news in the 2023 jobs report; and on the World History Book, 60 years ago, President Lyndon Johnson declares a “war on poverty.” Plus, the Monday morning news

On Culture Friday, China’s declining birthrate; a report about the big winners and losers in theaters in 2023; and on Ask the Editor, why should Christian news organizations enter the wasteland of social media? Plus, the Friday morning news

The United Methodist Church loses more than 7,600 churches due to disaffiliation in 2023, Moms for Liberty sues a California library, and a camp in South Carolina gives boys Biblical role models. Plus, Cal Thomas on the fallout of the resignation of Harvard’s president and the Thursday morning news


On Washington Wednesday, legislative deadlines loom for House Speaker Mike Johnson; on World Tour, news from Nigeria, South Korea, Kosovo, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and some pastors find opportunities to evangelize on pickleball courts. Plus, Andrée Seu Peterson on finding joy in the bleak midwinter and the Wednesday morning news

Electric vehicles sit unsold on lots across the country, the FDA approves a gene-editing treatment, and the Classic Book of the Month for January is Francis Schaeffer’s The Mark of a Christian. Plus, the Tuesday morning news

On Legal Docket, an opioid settlement deal arrives at the Supreme Court; on the Monday Moneybeat, big economic stories from 2023; and on the World History Book, a 17th-century challenge to government oppression of a religious minority. Plus, the Monday morning news

On Culture Friday, reflecting on a year where critical theory was taken to greater logical extremes and more ideologically diverse voices called for a return to common sense and remembering musicians and actors who died in 2023. Plus, the Friday morning news

On the World Tour year in review, we look back at the top stories of persecution and political change around the globe; notable deaths in government and politics; and Cal Thomas on lessons for the new year from 1924. Plus, the Thursday morning news

On Washington Wednesday, big stories from the year that went under the radar; remembering the lives of pastors, musicians, and evangelists who died in 2023; and Janie B. Cheaney on theories drawn from computer science show us our place in the world. Plus, the Wednesday morning news