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Sharon Dierberger

Sharon Dierberger

Sharon is a correspondent and reviewer for WORLD. She is a World Journalism Institute and Northwestern University graduate. She has served as a university teacher, clinical exercise physiologist, homeschooling mom, businesswoman, and Division 1 athlete. She resides in Stillwater, Minn., with her husband, Bill.

Articles by Sharon Dierberger
No mere faith journey

No mere faith journey

The Most Reluctant Convert tells the story of how C.S. Lewis finally accepted Christ

Using C.S. Lewis’ own words, The Most Reluctant Convert follows the author’s trek to Christianity

Mass director Fran Kranz and actress Ann Dowd discuss grief, spirituality, and forgiveness after tragedy

New movie Mass delves into a parent’s worst nightmare


In Mass, parents of a school shooting victim meet with the parents of the shooter

The Big Leap has a promising premise but lots of cringeworthy moments

Kevin Downes brings the stories of contemporary Christian music to the big screen

New documentary The Jesus Music traces Christian music’s journey from hippie music to guitar-strumming worship songs

The Jesus Music tells the story of the revolutionaries who created contemporary Christian music

The Eyes of Tammy Faye portrays a famous televangelist as a sympathetic but muddled character of contradictions