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Priya Abraham

Priya is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Priya Abraham
Which way left?

Which way left?

Priya Abraham | South and Central America have two lefts, one reconciled to free trade and one dominated by "throwbacks to the old school." Elections this year will help determine which camp wins

An intimate view of Iraq brings hardships closer

Priya Abraham | International experts deride U.S.

Priya Abraham | As bad as the humanitarian crisis in Darfur is, it may soon become a lot worse


Priya Abraham | International AIDS conferees leave science and sensibility at the door

Priya Abraham | No one has to play a dirge to know there's too much conflict in the air

Priya Abraham | South Sudan's new president, Salva Kiir, must take possession after hard-fought war

Priya Abraham | Congolese voters prepare for polls after decades of dictatorship, civil war, and devastation

Priya Abraham | Three Muslim terrorists who became Christians now risk their lives to "speak the truth"

Priya Abraham | North Korea's missiles may have fallen into the Sea of Japan, but they caused a diplomatic explosion