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Priya Abraham

Priya is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Priya Abraham
Death by visitation

Death by visitation

Priya Abraham | A harrowing firsthand account of forced abortion leaks out of Guangxi Province as Chinese officials command over 60 procedures in 24 hours

Priya Abraham | Despite recent gains, Somalis have learned that change takes time-lots of time

Priya Abraham | A rare glimpse into remote North Korea uncovers new stories on persecution-300 people a year killed for their faith-amid an unbending communist regime

Priya Abraham | A trio of French candidates vie for power, but none would bring the major reforms needed


Priya Abraham | Intimidation, corruption, and religious divisions challenge hopes for peaceful change

Priya Abraham | Isolated by the West and the world, Robert Mugabe maintains his grip on a desperate and fearful nation

The Namesake shows what happens when identities blur and obscure

Priya Abraham | Rapid and unplanned growth means a basic problem for cities like Lusaka: Who will take out the trash?

President Mugabe's ruling party cracks down on rival factions

Priya Abraham | Former Senate majority leader finds suffering and war alive and well in Darfur, but signs of peace and reconciliation elsewhere in Africa