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Priya Abraham

Priya is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Priya Abraham
'A piece of sheep fat in the sun'

'A piece of sheep fat in the sun'

Priya Abraham | Islamic dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali has lived the low life apportioned to Muslim women.

Priya Abraham | The abolitionists' lament is older than William Wilberforce-whose anti-slavery campaign brought transatlantic slavery to an end 200 years ago this month-but today 27 million people live on in captivity, their lives worth far less than any colonial era sl

Amazing Grace shows Wilberforce as devout Christian and shrewd politician

Priya Abraham | At the United Nations, resident thorn-in-the-flesh Austin Ruse makes enemies by promoting pro-life values


Refugee story repackages the American Dream

Priya Abraham | A new Congress adds momentum to an odd alliance of conservative "cheap hawks" and liberal "tree huggers"

Priya Abraham | Western Europeans fume at Putin's use of energy as a political weapon

Priya Abraham | After the rout of the Islamic Courts Union, Mogadishu's transitional government must move quickly to establish law and order

Priya Abraham | Concentrated funding for treatment-and the controversial return to insecticides-is beginning to lower malaria's scourge

Priya Abraham | Christmas means crackdown on some Christian worshippers