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Priya Abraham

Priya is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Priya Abraham
Rats to riches

Rats to riches

Pixar puts together a good summer recipe for Ratatouille

Priya Abraham | As a deal with Korea faces an uphill battle, Bush loses a key trade tool

Priya Abraham | A backlog in passports has bureaucrats on 24-hour call and air travelers fuming

Priya Abraham | Despite a power-sharing agreement, leaders of Sudan's South are starting to part diplomatic ways with a still-aggressive North


Priya Abraham | The war on terror often overshadows the war within Islam.

Priya Abraham | A homeschooler defies Germany's strict compulsory school laws

Once upon a time Shrek's fairy tale genre was fresh

Priya Abraham | Lead human-rights attorney in Vietnam gets his own day in court, while U.S.

Priya Abraham | Nicolas Sarkozy will lead a country perhaps not prepped for his kind of change

Priya Abraham | With renewed fighting, Afghanistan's opium trade-the largest in the world-is a persistent block to security and development