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Erica Kwong

Articles by Erica Kwong
Hong Kong’s defiant filmmaker

Hong Kong’s defiant filmmaker

Christian filmmaker Kiwi Chow insists on documenting the city’s pro-democracy protests even as Beijing quashes dissent

As Hong Kong comes to terms with a crackdown on free speech, prayer meetings remain a refuge for pro-democracy citizens

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy newspaper will shut down after the government’s latest power play

Amid political suppression, Hong Kong citizens find ways to commemorate the 32nd anniversary of the massacre

Christian Benny Tai helps lead the city’s fight for democracy even as Beijing continues its clampdown
Last week’s mass arrest of political activists signals the Hong Kong regime’s attempt to snuff out opposition
Authorities freeze accounts of a Hong Kong church and its pastor in apparent political retaliation
Prosecuted and disqualified, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse
Hong Kong’s censuring of a teacher proves ominous for the city’s education sector
Mysterious hackers disrupt a church talk on politics, raising concerns about internet surveillance