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Bob Jones

Bob is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Bob Jones

Republican vs. Republican

Bob Jones | POLITICS: Hard-fought Senate primary in Pennsylvania between an upstart conservative and a patrician liberal is just a microcosm of battles that lie ahead in the Republican Party

Bob Jones | LAW: In a trio of historic, end-of-term cases, the Supreme Court will decide the legal limits on how the war on terror is waged in criminal courts

Bob Jones | President Bush makes his case for staying the course in Iraq-even as his critics and political opponents successfully begin planting doubts in the minds of voters about staying the course in Washington

Bob Jones | IRAQ: The White House stands by its June 30 plan to hand over sovereignty to Iraqis.


Bob Jones | AD WATCH: Presidential campaigns push their economic messages, as interest groups seek to undermine Bush's 9/11 leadership

Bob Jones | POLITICS: $3-a-gallon gas?

Bob Jones | SUPREME COURT: Human-rights activists take to U.S.

Bob Jones | 9/11 HEARINGS: In his criticisms of President Bush, Richard Clarke is offering a far different yardstick for fighting terrorism than the one he offered just a few years ago

Bob Jones | POLITICS: With a closely divided Senate, Illinois may offer Democrats their best chance

Bob Jones | Al-Qaeda affiliate declares a truce with Spain after voters oust the pro-U.S.