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Bob Jones

Bob is a former WORLD reporter.

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Stolen base

Stolen base

Bob Jones | George W.

Bob Jones | In a tight presidential race, get-out-the-vote strategies are key to holding GOP territory, and margins could turn on minority voters and local races.

Bob Jones | When it comes to faithfulness to the home church, neither candidate is a party man-but Kerry must grab religious voters to win

Bob Jones | Minor party candidates pose major headache in close states


Bob Jones | Staff shake-ups.

Bob Jones | In Las Vegas, the National Guard salutes.

Bob Jones | ELECTION: With costs estimated at $10 billion and counting, Hurricanes Charley and Frances were two of the worst natural disasters to strike Florida in more than a decade.

Bob Jones | Anger outside the hall confronted GOP determination within to reelect President Bush.

Bob Jones | Twin plane crashes mourned with more questions than answers

Bob Jones | With polls giving John Kerry the edge in Florida and other crucial states, the GOP needs a big convention bounce next week.