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Bob Jones

Bob is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Bob Jones
The 15th anniversary of 9/11

The 15th anniversary of 9/11

A look back at WORLD Magazine’s coverage of the ‘day that will live in reruns’

In 2002, WORLD reported on the millions of women and girls sold into sexual slavery worldwide each year and asked why the U.S. State Department wasn’t doing more to end their nightmare

Bob Jones | What do you do with a massive, inefficient foster-care system that reports thousands of children killed, abused, or simply "lost" while under the state's care?

Bob Jones | President's budget applies the first knife domestic spending has felt in years


Bob Jones | Europeans make nice with Condi in lead-up to Bush visit

Bob Jones | President Bush outlines an ambitious but costly second-term agenda and celebrates a costly victory in the battle for democracy in Iraq

Bob Jones | As pro-lifers march, the Supreme Court deals their cause a rebuke

Bob Jones | The 43rd president takes his second oath under rigid security, subdued critics, and a clearing sky

Bob Jones | Nine new Cabinet members join six old-with roots in Asia, Africa, Cuba, and middle America-to lead the new administration

Ted Kennedy: "We cannot become Republican clones.