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Bob Jones

Bob is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Bob Jones
Collision course

Collision course

Bob Jones | The always uneasy Reagan coalition of libertarian and social conservatives is increasingly under strain.

Bob Jones | House GOP promises to "stir men's blood" with a bold reform agenda, but so far congressional blood is boiling over an ethics rule-a mess that could distract, and divide, party leadership

Bob Jones | . . .

Bob Jones | The president's second-term foreign policy team defies Euro-babbling caricatures and Foggy Bottom naysayers


Bob Jones | A Cabinet shakeup raises questions about policy in a second Bush term

Bob Jones | Lame-duck lawmakers slash and spend under low-key new leadership

Bob Jones | The U.S.

Bob Jones | Minorities, social conservatives, and war proponents hand George W.

Bob Jones | With final polls showing an evenly split electorate, both parties brace for a rash of post-election lawsuits.

Bob Jones | Map the electoral tally, count the seat-swapping on Capitol Hill, measure crucial state-by-state referenda, and watch for a swing-state storm surge-all here in WORLD's 2004 election guide