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Bob Jones

Bob is a former WORLD reporter.

Articles by Bob Jones
Minority report

Minority report

Bob Jones | The GOP will likely have to go at least two more years without a single black member of ­Congress

Bob Jones | Attack ad by independent ­veterans group nails Kerry but could leave shrapnel in Bush reelection bid, too

Bob Jones | Concerned about scaring off swing voters, Democrats - mostly - put on a friendly face at their national convention

Bob Jones | Turns out the surprise revelations that ex-Kerry foreign-policy adviser Sandy Berger mishandled classified documents should come as no surprise: He's done it before, according to Congressman Curt Weldon in this WORLD exclusive


Bob Jones | Increasingly made-for-TV party conventions are receiving less coverage

Bob Jones | Amendment backers failed to muster the votes even to have a vote

Bob Jones | John Kerry's selection of John Edwards as his running mate puts a first-term senator on the Democrats' national ticket -- but it could also force the GOP to spend precious resources in the South

Bob Jones | Clarence Thomas voting to protect the rights of internet pornographers?

Bob Jones | WASHINGTON: White House release of memos on prisoner treatment supports the president, but the debate is politically painful

Bob Jones | Edwards, runner-up to Kerry in the primaries, emerges as the favorite for VP