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Reports of antisemitic harassment surge in schools

Reports of antisemitic harassment surge in schools

The Biden administration orders educators to respond

Ericka Andersen | Americans who avoided costly debt shouldn’t have to subsidize debtors

Malls, theme parks, and restaurants increasingly require teenage patrons to have adult chaperones. Why are businesses making this change? And what does it mean for teenage independence?

On this episode, we’re tackling the topic of cancel culture. What is it? Does it really exist? And how can Christians develop a mature, whole-person response?


Timon Cline | School district’s policy shows the problem with mere proceduralism

Joseph Backholm | What will it take for other young Americans to learn the same?

In a world of fake news, developing news literacy takes work. But we might find help through an unexpected practice: reading fiction.

Alliance Defending Freedom says the school stoked unrest before a conservative event

EDUCATION | Private schools Down Under see a decadelong surge in student enrollment