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<em>Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend</em>

Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend

DOCUMENTARY | Four-part series spotlights an Argentinian soccer star’s blunders, triumphs, and humility—and his fans’ fanaticism and idolatry

Hunter Baker | Even just one or two deviations from the PC line raise suspicions on the left

TELEVISION | William Shatner takes viewers on a tour of mysteries and marvels new and old, including the Biblical flood

TELEVISION | Historical drama follows a trio of Jamaican women seeking a better life in Britain


TELEVISION | A young demigod battles monsters and forges friendships in a new adaptation of Rick Riordan’s popular fiction series

TELEVISION | A family grapples with the street-level fallout of monster attacks in this expensive Apple show, but melodrama and an LGBTQ subplot weaken the story

DOCUMENTARY | A disturbing yet tame true-crime story of religious abuse

TELEVISION | Intense, well-acted WWII drama leaves out too much of its source material

MOVIE | An aging woman’s quest to complete a 103-mile swim illustrates grit and determination but ends on a shallow note

TELEVISION | Sitcom reboot has funny moments but carries the unwholesome ethos of the original