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A stitch in time

A stitch in time

A living history interpreter in Colonial Williamsburg brings a new approach to teaching the history of the milliner’s trade

Plus: The tomb of the unknown soldier and Finding Nemo at twenty.

Commentator George Grant says some words and their opposites can be "discombobulating"

HISTORY | The head seamstress at an 18th-century millinery shop makes history that visitors can reach out and touch


A historical survey of 150 years of immigration laws in the United States

Plus: the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Plus: The Old Man and the Sea wins a Pulitzer prize and the Unabomber is sentenced to more than four life sentences in prison

Plus: 80 years ago, the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; and a fertilizer factory explosion in West Texas

A history of America's effort to help kids in crisis

A term for thinking things over now has medical ramifications