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Risking it all on an idea

Risking it all on an idea

Tetris, Air, and BlackBerry ask what’s worth sacrificing in pursuit of innovation

MOVIE | A sparkly, fun aesthetic can’t hide the angry feminism and hollowness at this film’s core

MOVIE | Based on a popular Disney park attraction, this film delivers humor and a likable cast, but certain elements will scare young children

MOVIE | Christopher Nolan lends sweeping grandeur to the story of the physicist who led the U.S. effort to build a nuclear bomb


MOVIES | Top films for the weekend of July 21-23

DOCUMENTARY | Spelunking excitement but little viewpoint diversity emerges from this exploration of a South African fossil site

Katelyn Walls Shelton | Movie tells women to do everything except what their bodies are created to do

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie raises interesting questions about masculinity and femininity but fails to go deeper than pink existentialism

Sound of Freedom defies the myth that conservative films are supposed to flop when going up against Hollywood’s blockbusters

Secret Invasion is a compelling addition to the Marvel universe while Maggie Smith’s The Miracle Club is worth passing up