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MOVIE | Banalities quench a confused film about a fascist plot in 1933

MOVIE | Weighty portrayals of American racism takes center stage in children’s WWII tale

Top films for the weekend of Sept. 30-Oct. 2

MOVIE | Musical comedy about a singing crocodile is a crowd-pleaser that elevates family and service to others


MOVIE | Amazon’s book adaptation stuffs modern pieties into a children’s story set in medieval England

Amazon Studios’ adaptation of Catherine Called Birdy focuses on modern philosophy centered on self

MOVIE | This epic set in 1820s West Africa shows two female warriors defending their homeland from enemies of any origin

MOVIE | Live-action detail and Tom Hanks’ portrayal of a grieving father add richness to a children’s tale

MOVIE | Self-referential whodunit is an enjoyable inside joke for Agatha Christie fans

Top films for the weekend of Sept. 16-18